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The Powerful Traits of the Member of the Month

We are passionate about our members and the CrossFit Heerlen community has so many special members and stories to tell. These special members and stories are a great motivator for others too. Therefor we introduced the Member of the Month election in 2016. In this article we share the powerful traits, set the bar high for future elections and we share the answer to our members’ critical question: “What determines whether someone becomes a Member of the Month?” The Member of the Month gets eternal fame and the official CrossFit Heerlen coffee mug as a token of appreciation.

The Powerful Traits of the Member of the Month

The Member of the Month will be chosen unanimous by the CrossFit Heerlen staff team, and is:

  • A person that inspires others to become the best version of themselves.

The Member of the Month demonstrates progress in his fitness in a great way as to be worthy of attention and demonstrates characteristics that makes others happy too, light a spark inside of us, and make us want to be better, stronger, bigger, and fitter also.

  • A person that has great courage.

The Member of the Month has faced great odds and challenges while pursuing their physical and mental health goals, and they’ve turned their past issues into a message to help others overcome their challenges too. They’ve figured out that if you want to make a difference, you have to address your own demons first.

  • A person that is friendly, has great empathy for others, is grateful and doesn’t complain.

The Member of the Month likes to get to know and takes into account the person who sweats next to him in the gym, is very coachable, and doesn’t goes for gossip, quick profit or emotional news. They respect everyone’s role within the gym – especially the coaches – and don’t judge others because they look beyond words and appearances. They are also not afraid to express their opinion, even if these opinions differ from the opinions of the majority, and in doing so they show respect, and keep an eye on the common interest.

  • A person that express appreciation openly, and promote equality.

The people who inspire us the most are not full of hate and they don’t encourage thoughts of who is “better” than someone else, or who deserves more. They demonstrate equality. They are full of love and appreciation, and aren’t afraid to share it openly within our community.

  • A person that believes in the collective power of our community.

Those who inspire others believe in collective power – in uplifting others and not just a select few so that positive change can happen more quickly. They’re not focused intensively and solely on improving their own health and fitness. They want to see others rise and grow too. By expanding collective strength, power and positive impact, they have become fit and strong.

  • A person that is inspiring authentic.

Everyone in our community, and sometimes even more stronger the Member of the Month, has struggled and still struggles while trying to improve his or her health and fitness, but decided to use what they personally experienced to learn more, dig deeper, and finally, to help facilitate positive change for others. The Member of the Month has grown comfortable being totally authentic and open about who he or she really is.

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