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The Best Spotify Workout Playlists by CrossFit Heerlen member Patrick Janssen

Since we are doing our workouts at home, we want to give you something extra. Something you were already enjoying while working out in our gym… and that’s a list of the Best Workout Music Playlists on Sportify created by our member Patrick.

This blogpost is dedicated to this great fella and member of the early days; a huge thank you for creating these playlists (17 in total!) which are really helpful while tackling those burpees, heavy squats and strict presses. You can find our playlists on Spotify by searching for the profile (not artist) CrossFit Heerlen. There you will find all the playlists displayed below and they all have CrossFit Heerlen in the name.

Note: We will also add our coaches’ and members’ favourite workout music soon. But for now, enjoy these playlists – they will extract the adrenaline from your blood – and don’t forget to follow us on Spotify while searching for CrossFit Heerlen. We also added some tips and playlist tips from Patrick’s own profile Origin Unknown on Spotify:

CrossFit Heerlen Conditioning

This music list is created to keep you going on a good pace for those cardio or longer workouts. The style is dance music, with some urban and pop songs.

Tip #1 from Patrick: set the crossfader in between 3 or 6 seconds on Spotify so your music will fade in and out. Pauses between numbers will not be heard anymore. You can change this setting in the menu of Spotify (settings – playback – crossfade).

CrossFit Heerlen Strength

This music list is created to give you that extra power in a heavy workout or a short intense workout. The style is hard dance, rock and some power songs.

CrossFit Heerlen Uplifting

This is an experimental list with uplifting songs, mostly with a steady pace, deep bass and short intervals that build up to give you that extra vibe or power to get your best lift.

Tip #2 from Patrick: we will change the image of a playlist whenever something has changed (like added songs).

CrossFit Heerlen Warm Up

This list is great to warm up those muscles and do your mobility exercises before every WOD.

CrossFit Heerlen Cooldown

This lis has a steady easy going sound to it. Which will get you motivated to never skip one of the most important things in CrossFit and that’s is your cooldown. Whether it’s walking off after a big run or stretching those fatigue muscles, put on this list and get that cooldown done.

CrossFit Heerlen Kids

This list is made for our young warriors without explicit content (maybe a few, but still keeping it normal) but with the same vibe as every adult list. This list can also be used by our adult members or the ones that act younger.

CrossFit Heerlen Happy Feelings

This is an experimental new list with songs that have a happy vibe but still keep you going on a nice pace during your WOD. The style is pop, dance and dance covers of songs you all will recognize.

CrossFit Heerlen Rock

This list is Rock Music only. It’s a big list with Rock songs that will scream you through every wod you want to crush.

CrossFit Heerlen Urban

This list is Urban music only. It’s a big list with urban songs that will push you further in the WODs you want to conquer.

CrossFit Heerlen 90’s Dance

This is a short fun list of mine with those golden happy oldies from the 90’s. This list will make you smile through those WODs you hate…

CrossFit Heerlen Motivation

This list will keep getting bigger and bigger because almost every song that is deleted from other CrossFit Heerlen musics lists will go to this list. The style is various and full of different music genres, but still motivating to keep you crushing your WODs.


Two more playlists from Patrick’s personal profile Origin Unknown you also might want to check:

Alkalyzed – Origin Unknown

The playlist Alkalyzed is perfectly suited for a yoga session or meditation session.

Undurance – Origin Unknown

The playlist Endurance is suited for running or a 42km echo bike ride of your lifetime… 😉

Have fun listening to these playlists!