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Open Gym

Sometimes we want a little extra time outside of class to work on skills, drills, technique, or perform work that’s been assigned to you from your Coach. Sometimes we miss a particular workout, benchmark, or lift that we really want to make up. Sometimes life gets in the way of making it on time for CrossFit Heerlen’s scheduled CrossFit classes.  

Enter… Open Gym!

Put in some extra skill, technique and/or strength work

Enter... Open Gym!

The goals of Open Gym are as diverse as you all (our members) are, but here are some highlights of why you might choose to utilize it:

  • Do some extra work that your coaches have prescribed to you;
  • Practice skills at your own pace;
  • Make-up a missed workout of the day;
  • Prepare or qualify for an upcoming competition or event;
  • Try new things – PLAY with your fitness!

The gym is open and available to you. We have made it so available that there is little to no excuse to not get in and train/move or do something.

We're open 7 days a week

Open Gym Hours

We offer Open Gym hours almost every opening hour of the day, 7 days a week (including Saturday and Sunday morning). During these hours the box will be available for open gym in the small and/or big gym. During class hours only the small gym will be available for open gym. Open gym cost 1 credit.*

*An unlimited Open Gym add-on subscription is also available.

Our rules regarding Open-gym use:

Open Gym Rules

  • Not Subscribed = No Access. We work by appointment only. Make sure you are signed in BEFORE you access the open gym floor – unauthorized presence is not appreciated;
  • Display your gym etiquette by returning equipment after you use them, and cleaning your training space. Leave the gym like you entered;
  • Be kind. Work hard. Stay humble. Do not exclude anyone. Take the time to greet your fellow gym members and take each other into account (share equipment, space, etc). After all, these are the people that you are going to shed sweat, and (maybe) tears with. A CrossFit gym can be very intimidating. Always remember where you come from. A warm and friendly introduction can really make everyone feel welcome;
  • If a class is going on:
    – they have priority on equipment/space needed for the workout of the day;
    – Open Gym is not the time to converse and socialize with class participants;
    Don’t be noisy. Avoid loud music and screaming. Even if somebody is going for any PRs or qualifying workout.
  • ALWAYS respect (the equipment) and listen to the Coach:
    – If a Coach asks you to do something, just do it;
    – If a Coach asks you to refrain from a certain unskilled movement during Open Gym, you’ll be asked to stop;
    – If you’re seen doing something sketchy, you’ll be asked to stop.
  • Have a plan! Nevertheless, there is always a Coach present in the gym during opening hours, but he or she will not be coaching during Open Gym. The coach might be leading a class or be doing other work. It’s your own responsibility to have a plan. Open Gym is uncoached.

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