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NEW HEAD COACH: Stephanie Stulin

We have some pretty cool news during these strange times in which everything seems to be only about corona or politics. But nothing could be further from the truth, there are more important things to report and look forward to!

And one of them is our decision to promote Coach Stephanie to Head Coach of CrossFit Heerlen. The day we decided to close CrossFit Heerlen because of the COVID pandemic was the day we scheduled to announce Coach Stephanie’s promotion to Head Coach, but the low of closing was the worst setting to reveal how proud we are as a community of her and it’s waited this long to be finally announced.

After graduating with a bachelor in Physical Therapy and years of being a Coach (since 2015) at multiple gyms, and of which she has been with us as a coach for almost 3,5 years now, she is the longest working and most seasoned/experienced coach ever employed by CrossFit Heerlen. Her new role as Head Coach is tasked with delivering a CrossFit program and ensuring quality within the coaching staff that have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of our members here at CrossFit Heerlen.

Stephanie has focused a lot of her energy this year on programming, (1-on-1) coaching and injury management within our community. Besides her good efforts she is also always loyal, trustworthy, people smart and proactive; she does not turn her hand for less fun chores / responsibilities or giving someone tough love that are also part of being a great coach. With this she has shown us that there is no one better to take the responsibility and lead of the coaches team in designing and ensuring a well-thought CrossFit COACHED program as part of helping people reach their goals than Stephanie. With this, former head coach Danny can focus more on his duties as gym owner.

Since 2017 Stephanie has grown with CrossFit Heerlen

Stephanie has been with CrossFit Heerlen since 2017. Almost 4,5 years! When you look at her background and how her life seems to have been driven by “set goal, achieve goal and repeat”, it’s not surprising she’s advanced so quickly with us. Nevertheless, she always embodied our credo “Work Hard Stay Humble”.

She’s known for her professionality, presence and attitude, good movements and slow methodical progressions toward all skills from barbell to gymnastics. She understands the process of growth and that for it to be safe it takes time. And along the way she makes training fun for everyone.

She went from member to coach relatively quick after showing interest. Gym owners Danny and Thessyana already knew Stephanie from “the CrossFit beginnings” and Stephanie was already a graduated CIOS student and certified Fitness (FitVak! / NL Actief) and CrossFit trainer. Her coaching career continued to develop quickly. She also qualified as an Olympic Weightlifting trainer (NGB), completed the CrossFit Heerlen Coach Development Program and graduated as a physical therapist. Her tenacity to mastery and virtuosity is something to admire!

Stephanie also has excelled, as expected, in all of our behind the scenes work at CrossFit Heerlen. It takes quite a bit of work to manage all of our members, all of the programming and scaling, etc. Programming and such a divers member community as CrossFit Heerlen takes some scheduling and managing.

So today we congratulate Stephanie on her new title. Do titles matter? I think most people would say yes. But we say no. You can have all the titles you think you need, collect all the CrossFit credentials you want, but it takes more to be a great coach instead of a good coach. Insert Head Coach Stephanie Stulin, from her early days at CrossFit Heerlen it was clear to everyone (except herself) that Stephanie was a natural born leader (read: somebody who inspires). Not like the leaders we typically envision; authoritative decision makers by title. Instead, we all came to know an individual who led by example, led through genuine care, service and hard work, and always with a cheerful heart.

When you see Steef – give her a coronaproof HUG! We’re very excited about her growth and the potential for our team!

How to become a coach at CrossFit Heerlen?

All of our coaches (Stephanie, Quinten, Simon, Veerle, Ingrid and Ramon) in our team have our complete and unconditional trust. We are very selective with our coaches. There is a list of criteria they need to meet from their personality, character traits, CrossFit performance, likability, and most importantly they must naturally possess genuine care for others without putting their own interests first, in order to be considered for or maintain a coaching position. A coach at CrossFit Heerlen is not only a trainer. He or she is also a social worker, community manager, educator and entertainer. An often underestimated role, but gives a lot of meaning to someone’s work. Would you like to work as a coach at our gym? Learn more about how to get on our team on this page.


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