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Member of the Month: Peter Grouwels

This month’s inspiring person and Member of the Month is: Peter Grouwels. Peter has been unanimously elected Member of the Month by the CrossFit Heerlen staff team. As Member of the Month he receives eternal fame and the official CrossFit Heerlen coffee mug as a token of appreciation.

The CrossFit Heerlen team about Peter: “Peter fully deserves the title member of the month. He is always motivated and keeps pushing his limits. He is a humble friendly guy and always in for a chat. Peter has been working out at CFH 4,5 years. Not only has Peter improved his fitness, he is also really enjoying his fitness outside the gym as a proud dad who lives life to the fullest. His son always looks with open mouth when he sees his dad conquering the workout. Peter keeps a laser focus on making progress and always takes time to celebrate the accomplishments of others. Congrats, Peter and thanks for sharing!

Get to know the Member of the Month: Peter Grouwels

Age: 37
Occupation: Security Zuyderland MC

Since when have you been a member of CrossFit Heerlen?
February 2018

Did you exercise before you started CrossFit?

As a child I played competitive table tennis. As an adult, I’ve always liked high-intensity sports, programs like Insanity and T25, for example. The ‘problem’ with such programs is that they become monotonous quite quickly and it is difficult to maintain your motivation. In addition, I also joined “normal” fitness gyms but each time after 3 months only I became more a sponsor of the gym for the rest of the year. I couldn’t really keep doing anything until I started CrossFit. Since I started it has kept me motivated, and it has really become a hobby rather than a ‘must have’.

Why CrossFit Heerlen?
CFH always attracted me through photos and videos I saw. It looked nice, and caught my attention. It was also the closest box.

What was your first WOD at CrossFit Heerlen?
Rowing, kettlebell swings and rope climbing, but I didn’t know the terms like Amrap or for time, etc. at the time, so I don’t remember exactly how that was programmed.

What goals would you like to achieve in the next six months and how will you do that?
I hope a squat clean 100kg will work for me. That would be my fourth lift I can do 100+ KG. I’ve always loved gymnastics because I was good at it, but I’m starting to like the weightlifting part more and more.

What is your least favorite CrossFit exercise?
Pistol Squats.

And… what’s your favorite CrossFit exercise?
Dumbell Snatch and Toes to bar.

Make up a WOD and give it a name 😉
“Pace like an ace”
400m run
10 alt dumbbell snatches
12 Toes-to-bar

Which song (music track) do you prefer to hear during a WOD?
HYPER – Clockwork. Antoine has been putting it on more often lately!

Which CrossFit achievement are you most proud of?
The Bar muscle up, it’s worked for me a few times, but sometimes it doesn’t. At the end of October I will participate in the gymnastics clinic where I hope to master the movement even more, and I will keep repeating and training so I will be able to do it structurally (short term goal ;)).

What is your favorite moment at CrossFit Heerlen?
I have actually 2 favorite moments:
1) Mijn eerste Open; 2019 -> Team Badass!

2) I also love the CFH Member Appreciation Week. Last time it was with the WOD where we were also hitting the tractor tires with sledgehammers to let off some steam. Love it!

Do you have other interests besides CrossFit?
Going out with my son, vacation, camping, playgrounds. I am interested in Tech, I build a computer once every few years. In addition, I am currently working on making my house more sustainable and I get a lot of satisfaction from that. I will probably continue to work happily in the coming years.

What is your favorite “cheat meal” and when was the last time you ate it?
Sushi! I eat it every month.

What advice do you have for new athletes of CrossFit Heerlen?
Have faith in the process, don’t compare yourself to others and do what you can. It is also important that you keep challenging yourself progressively. It may be a little hard or heavy sometimes.