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Meet the NEW COACH: Simon Amkreutz

One of our very first members. Back in 2016 Simon joined two friends in his first CrossFit WODs. After sticking with us for all these years Simon even expanded his career by becoming a CrossFit coach. Next to being a parttime and substitute coach at CrossFit Heerlen he has a dayjob somewhere else, but his biggest goal in life is being a great dad to his two daughters.

And ladies, don’t get distracted by his looks! As soon as it comes to coaching he is serious and focused. It is his passion to teach athletes at every level and see them grow and excel. Simon has a lot of knowledge to share which he gained through his years of experience and education. And he’s still studying. Expanding his coaching tools to become even a greater coach he already is. We are honored to call him our coach. Welcome to the team, coach Simon!

Get to know coach Simon!

Can you tell us a bit about you and your sporting background?
I am currently 39 years old and the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Liz and Fem. I work as a special asset manager at a bank where I serve clients throughout the whole province of Limburg. As a child I did judo and athletics first before I started playing football. I played football for the rest of my childhood and a great part of my adult life. Besides football I always loved running too.

What made you want to try CrossFit in the beginning?
After I stopped playing football, I started running. Although I loved running ( and still do), running alone wasn’t satisfactory anymore and I started looking for alternatives where I would train my whole body. I found about CrossFit, did a trial class and was immediately sold…

What is your favorite aspect of being a CrossFit coach?
My favourite aspect is that you can help, coach or motivate every individual. It can be in the smallest detail or just by cheering them on when they have a tough moment. For that I hope to create a good atmosphere during my classes where everybody feels happy to come.

When and how did you find out about CrossFit Heerlen?
I found out about CrossFit Heerlen in July 2016. I saw some Facebook content from two of my Facebook friends about a workout they did and I thought I need to try that out!

What made you apply?
I love coaching and working with people. After doing CrossFit for some time I felt I wanted to know more and be able to help and coach other people. I took the CrossFit Level 1 course and as soon as I felt I was ready to coach, help and motivate other people, I applied.

As a coach, what is the best advice you can give to early CrossFitters? And what advice would you give to some one who might be interested in trying CrossFit but is too nervous or feels like they need to get into better shape first?
The best advice I would give to early CrossFitters is to trust the process and your own body. Work on good form and technique first and after that you can go heavier on the weights.
To everybody who wants to try CrossFit I would say: CrossFit is for everybody! Everybody can do CrossFit, because you can scale it down to your own level of fitness. Besides that, the great atmosphere at CrossFit Heerlen will make you want to stay and continue CrossFit.

What was your first CrossFit WOD ever?
I don’t remember my first CrossFit WOD, but I remember it had “Bring Sally up, bring Sally down” in it with high and low planks. At that time I thought, how am I ever going to complete the full song…

What’s your favourite CrossFit WOD?
I like long and hard WOD’s that contain all the aspects of Crossfit. So a WOD with conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting, and preferably at least 20 minutes.

And what’s your favourite CrossFit movement/exercise?
I know it sounds a little cliché but there is not one movement or exercise in particular. I just love the great variety of all the movements where each day is different when you work out.

What’s your favourite workout music (genre and/or track)?
All kinds of dance music, such as EDM, Hardstyle, Techno.

What are some of your favourite activities outside the box?
Outside the box I love to spend time with my 2 daughters. Besides that I love to hang out with my friends, go to a good restaurant or movie and in the summer I Love to visit dance festivals.

Finally, what is your ultimate goal in CrossFit and/or at CrossFit Heerlen?
My ultimate goal is to keep improving and developing myself as a coach and an athlete. For the future I want to get my Level 2 and hope to reach my first muscle up soon!

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