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Meet the NEW COACH: DL

We all know DL as the CrossFit Athlete, who loves smashing numbers and chasing the best times, but DL has expressed his passion for helping others to reach their potential. After coaching CrossFit athletes in the early 2010’s for some years and passing his Level 2 recently he is now redirecting some paths to accommodate this passion of his as a CrossFit Trainer. By combining his passion for CrossFit and drive to help others, we are proud to welcome DL to the Coaches team at CrossFit Heerlen.

Read more about DL in below interview and on his coachpage.


Nickname: DL

Can you tell us a bit about you and your sporting background?
Growing up I played basketball and baseball.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I have been doing CrossFit since 2009. My wife is actually the one who got me interested in it. She showed me a video of a woman overhead squatting her body weight for 15 reps. After seeing that and tons more I was hooked.
Side note: That is still a goal of mine but I have only gotten to 12 reps… so close.

When did you start coaching? 
In 2011.

And what is your favorite aspect of being a CrossFit coach?
Helping people get their first at something. Helping people get their first pull-up, run their first 5k without stopping, their first muscle-up, or anything else they really want to accomplish.

Drop in pic with Aaron, Holley and coach D

When and how did you find out about CrossFit Heerlen?
I found out about CF Heerlen while some friends were in town. They wanted to check out a local affiliate and CF Heerlen is the one they picked.

DL and Aaron dropping in.

What do you like most about CrossFit Heerlen?
The smiley faces when we first walked in the door and the overall community.

Do you have any further ambitions?
I would like to help anyone I can reach the goals they set out for themselves.

What are some of your favourite activities outside the box?
Hiking, reading, and spending time traveling through Europe with my beautiful wife.

DL’s wife and his matching shoes

What is your ultimate goal in CrossFit and/or at CrossFit Heerlen?
To be a coach who can help any member.

Any final words for our athletes and those who read this?
This is a hard one. I would say to always stay hungry for self improvement. Always reach outside your comfort zone and learn. A healthy life style doesn’t start and stop in the one hour your at the gym. It is 24 hours a day. You should research and learn about what is going on with your health (obviously look to reputable sources) but always stay hungry for more. Learn about technique, sleep, nutrition, and anything else that affects your overall health.

Visit DL’s coachpage here to read more about here work experience and education.

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