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World Champion DMITRY KLOKOV presents Weightlifting Seminar at CrossFit Heerlen


Olympic Weightlifting Seminar by Dmitry Klokov

In this 2-Day seminar Dmitry Klokov shares the key elements of his training methods and success that will boost your weightlifting skills. Take the guess work out of your lifting – learn Russian methodology, get your questions answered and receive individual attention from a world champion. Appropriate for any level and open to register for members and non-members of CrossFit Heerlen (CFH Members receive a €25 discount on the full seminar or a €10 discount on the weightlifting theory/lecture). You will leave this class with the knowledge and skills to improve your lifting.

  • Dmitry coaches from decades of personal experience as a pro-lifter to answer your training questions.
  • When do I need to lift? How much do I need to lift? Do I also need to rest? Guess no more. Ask Dmitry Klovov directly and get no-bullshit practical advice you can use in your next workout.
  • Individualized Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch and Clean and Jerk) technique clinics. These clinics are appropriate for any level. Dmitry expert eye will pinpoint your problem areas and help you troubleshoot them.


Having decades of experience as a pro athlete and to have been brought up by a weightlifting champion really helps to sort out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training. Most of us don’t have this privilege and waste precious years trying out useless methods and soon get stuck.

To assist his students avoiding such trappings, Dmitry designed a 4 hour lecture (weightlifting theory only) that precedes the practical segment of the seminar to cover the following:

  • Important training principles that will help you avoid stagnation
  • The systems that you need in place to successfully train long term
  • Exercise selection
  • Recovery
  • And More


Practice Makes Perfect. 

As you already found out, Olympic Style Weightlifting is highly technical sport. This is not novelty, as for decades coaches and scientists have been researching the optimal techniques to execute the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. In the second segment of the course Dmitry Klokov demonstrates and teaches the classic lifts fine points of technique.

This segment includes:

  • Snatch technique explanation
  • Clean and Jerk technique explanation
  • Clinic time where Dmitry directly gives you feedback on your lifts
  • Drills
  • And More

Klokov Olympic Weightlifting Achievements

  • Klokov became world champion at the 2005 World Championships, with a total of 419 kg. 
  • Klokov won the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, with a total of 423 kg.
  • He won the silver medal at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships, with a 196 kg snatch, 232 kg clean and jerk for a total of 428 kg at a body weight of 104.6 kg.
  • At the 2006 World Championships he ranked 3rd.
  • At the 2007 World Championships he ranked 3rd.

Seminar Options

Theoretical Class

  • 4 hours
  • Russian Training Methodology
  • How to Train
  • Recovery
  • Ask Dmitry Your Training Questions
  • And More

Day 1: Monday, September 2nd

17:00 PM – 21:00 PM –  Weightlifting Theory (Lecture)
21:00 PM –  END – Introduction Practical Sessions by Dmitry Klokov

Day 2: Tuesday, September 3rd

17:00 PM – 19:30 PM – Snatch
19:30 PM – 21:30 PM – Clean and Jerk
21:30 PM – END – Questions & Answers, Photo Session and Signing

*** Subject to change***


If you plan on joining this seminar, send an e-mail to citing your:
– First name;
– Last name;
– Date of birth;
– Email address;
– and preferred seminar option (full seminar OR theory only).

Do not forget to transfer the registration fee to:
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL59INGB0009102117 (BIC: INGBNL2A);
In the name of: D. PLESZ;
Citing: ‘KLOKOV SEMINAR + FULL NAME + PREFERRED OPTION (seminar OR theory only)’.

Registration fee is €199 (CFH members receive a discount of €25 and pay €174) or €99 for the weightlifting theory/lecture only (CFH members receive a discount of €10 and pay €89).

N.B. Only 30 spots are available for the 2-Day seminar.

  • No refunds after registration (only when seminar runs out)
  • Your registration is only final after we have received your email, your registration fee AND after you have received a registration confirmation from us.
  • Print a copy of your registration confirmation and bring it with you to the seminar. Without a registration confirmation you will not gain access to the seminar.
  • When the seminar becomes sold out, active members of the CFH Olympic Weightlifting Club get priority.
  • Discounts only count for CFH members with an active membership (excluding punch card holders or whatsoever).
  • You have 2 options for registration. If you register for weightlifting theory, you will be able to attend the first 4 hours of the seminar only. If you register for the full seminar, it will be theory + weightlifting (practical sessions).
  • Food and drinks are not provided. You must bring your own food and drinks, or, you can purchase protein bars and/or sports drink during break in the box.
  • Contact if you have any more questions or if you need any further assistance.