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Happy 5 Year Anniversary CrossFit Heerlen!

To our CrossFit Heerlen family,

Today marks 5 years since we opened our doors for our first class in 2016. We have had three locations, seen thousands of PRs, watched people transform their minds and bodies and made beautiful lifelong friendships.

The past 5 years have been nothing less than incredible. We know that for the past 1,835 days we have thought every single day about our members, coaches and gym. You, our members, have inspired us through your actions, progress and the stories you have shared. And in turn, we want to do better for you all. We truly love caring and guiding you to a happier, stronger and healthier version of yourself. 💪💫

A sincere thank you to everyone that has been apart of CrossFit Heerlen in one way or another. You have helped us create this amazing community that we all love so dearly. 🙌

Today we were caught by surprise by your tremendous and generous gifts. We will make sure to spent it well and keep you updated…

Thank you for your commitment, trust, loyalty and support. We love you all and it’s been an honor to work with each of you for the past five years. Cheers to 5 and many more – you all are amazing!

P.s. We will set a date and organize an awesome community event with barbells, delicious food, good drinks and a memorable celebration party together as soon as the lockdown is over! 🥳🍾🎉

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