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Hi champs,

January 1st 2020 is the beginning of a new Month, a new Year and a new Decade – and as usual getting fit(ter) and (more) healthy is likely to be the most popular new year’s resolution for many in our box. To help make 2020 the year you keep to your resolution, we at CrossFit Heerlen, added a great tool to our box that will help you making fitness and health goals. We have hung a huge NEW 6-Meter GOAL Board in our box! Hopefully this will be a useful tool in helping you crush some PR’s, and hopefully this will soon be full of challenging goals from all of you goalgetters at CrossFit Heerlen. Don’t forget to read the article below so you won’t be wasting your time while setting your goals and new year’s resolutions.

A few Notes on How we’ll use our new Goal Board

The goals board will be used for short term goals – goals you want to achieve within the next 3 months. Long term goals are awesome and you should absolutely be setting them, but improving your fitness and health, and building your strength and conditioning is a path of incremental progress, and while most people don’t have a hard time setting long term goals (achieve a 2x bodyweight squat, look great naked, be an IRONMAN ;), make it to the finals of the Beach Throwdown, Lowlands Throwdown, etc) the short term goals are the ones that will eventually add up to create those major achievements (make it to the box and do the WOD at least 3x/week, get in accessory work to work on you mobility or core strength after or before each class, keeping a food journal, etc). At the start of every quarter (January, April, July and October) we’ll wipe the Goal Board clean. The challenge for you will be to achieve any goals you set within that time span and similarly to set smart goals that you CAN achieve within a 3-month period.

Coupled with the Goal Board is our Accomplishments/PR Board – you’ll be moving any goals you set up at the start of the quarterly year over to the accomplishments/PR Board as soon as you reached your goal. The accomplishments board isn’t just for these goals though, please write up any other major achievements you have in class, like doing Fran for the first time RX, a deadlift PR, etc. You may also use this board as our PR Board which we were using until now. We will keep sharing a picture of our Accomplishments/PR Board every month in our newsletter.

What Goals to Set and How

A major thing to think about while using the Goal Board (and a great skill to have in general) is figuring out what goals to set and how. In choosing goals for yourself we want you to consider a few important things:

  • The goals should be realistically achievable within a three month time frame. Setting a goal of doing a muscle-up is unrealistic if you’ve never done a pull-up.
  • You should have a plan in how to pursue your goals. Often, the best goals will have a plan embedded in the goal. ‘Get better at double unders’ is a great goal, but a more developed goal could be ‘do 10 minutes of double under practice every other day.’ Make sure you know how to pursue your goal – accidental PR’s happen, but they will happen much more and more quickly if you have a plan.
  • No goal is too small. Many people (myself included) a goal is only worthwhile if it’s fearless and impressive – ‘do Murph in under 45 mins, deadlift 200kg, own the best box in the world.’ Like I said earlier, this is all about small incremental progress. You likely have been here long enough to realize you don’t do a muscle-up without first doing strict pull-ups, and you won’t snatch 100kg before you snatch 90kg. However small or minor a goal might seem to you (stop drinking sugar drinks, do 10 push-ups unbroken on your knees), if you set and achieve these kinds of goals consistently they WILL add up, and you will achieve those major 6 month and 12+ month goals over time.

A few Goal Ideas to get you started

  • Come to CrossFit 2/3/4/5 numbers of days a week.
  • Practice a goat movement (weakness – not something you like doing or good at!) for 10 minutes before or after class
  • Get in an extra day of running, swimming or cycling outdoor on your own once a week to work on your endurance (cardiovascular and respiratory system).
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet during working days / every single day.
  • Perform a shoulder strength and stability drill with our Crossover Symmetry equipment every other day during open gym hours.

The possibilities really are endless, and there’s no limit to how many goals you can set per quarter year but keep in mind you should be able to realistically achieve all those goals in this time period. If you have any questions on how to set goals or if you have a hard time breaking down a big long term goal into smaller and achievable goals, then reach out to one of your coaches at CrossFit Heerlen and we would love to help you.

Be fearless. Trust the process. And become the fittest and healthiest version of yourself you’ve ever been. We know you can do this!