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Farewell to our Friend and Coach, Gena

Hey CrossFit Heerlen Family,

It is with a warm heart and our blessing that we are going to be saying goodbye to Coach Gena and her husband Daniel – a.k.a. Coach DL –  in about 1 month.  Coach Gena’s husband Daniel has taken a military job offer and they will be moving for four years all the way to Japan.

For many of you, Gena and Daniel are part of the family, like friends, and a huge part of this great community.  They have been a blessing to us and we are sad to see them go, but we are happy for them.  If you don’t know Gena and Daniel all too well, here is a little history on the past two years with them at CrossFit Heerlen.

Gena began training with us after her husband Daniel dropped in for a workout together with their best friends Aaron and Holly from Oklahoma. Daniel got excited and he also brought Gena for a WOD. Soon after they experienced our benchmark “Miracle Mile” workout they became members. At that time I (Danny) was the only coach and we were struggling to keep all the balls in the air. CrossFit Heerlen was getting popular and more and more people found their way to our box. At the same time I was suffering a bad injury. The worst I’ve ever experienced. I had a severe lower back hernia. So we decided to open up a vacancy. Gena, who already had been a coach for years back in her hometown Oklahoma, decided to apply after one of our community events. She loved “all the smiley faces” and wanted to help us building the best box in town and a world class affiliate. And so we did.

– Gena teaching Fundamentals

We built a friendship and a bond and she became our right hand in just a short time. Ofcourse, Daniel being her right hand man, demo athlete and “assistant-“coach at times was also a undeniable asset for our community. Like Daniel she has been an outstanding coach, has a lot to give and still drops knowledge bombs on a regular basis!

– Pink S*** / April Fools’ Day

We’ve had many great memories over the past two years from “pink shit everywhere”, getting level 2 certified as coaches together, organizing themed WODs (see video), our first summer BBQ, meeting Sam Dancer, Daniel’s fundraiser Grace, bro-sessions, moving boxes, seeing them build their own shirt company Bad Wolf Apparel and everything in between (from coaching hours and coach meetings to community events).  We’ve had many heart-to-hearts, and it would be easy to say that they know us and what we are about and have worked for.

She has been there with us through the many ups and downs of running a new business, and always has a way to bring out laughter in any situation. So cheers to Gena, her humor, suave demeanor and gracious appearance, and together with her husband; their friendship, teaching, knowledge, and their dedication and loyalty to CrossFit Heerlen and our great community!

Your friends and co-coaches here at CrossFit Heerlen will miss you!

– CFH coaches at Samminar

Now for the fun part! We’d like for you all to join us for a special “Summer BBQ + Farewell Gena & Daniel” Party! Let’s give them a great big farewell!!

– our first summer bbq

Personal invitations to all members of our community (with date and time) with more information will be sent soon.