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CrossFit Heerlen will WOD along with the Games!

The wait is almost over. Stage one of the CrossFit Games is just a few hours away. The top 30 Fittest Women and 30 Fittest Men will compete in the two-day online competition beginning Sept. 18.

This year we are going to WOD along with the Games! We are going to program all WOD events next week. #FriendlyFran, #DamnDiane and #NastyNancy will all pass. This way you can experience how fit the games athletes truly are, but also how you can do these WODs yourself at your own level. That’s what makes CrossFit so much fun: anyone can do it!

Stage 2 in which the top five men and top five women will advance to compete in person will follow soon. Watch all live coverage of the fittest men and women on