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CrossFit Heerlen Temporarily Closed: Remote Coaching & At-Home Workouts due to Coronavirus

Yesterday we decided to close our box as from today (Sunday, March 15th) until further notice to help control the spread of COVID-19. It was not an easy decision, but after reading all the alarming facts of our local health authority RIVM and WHO – the World Health Organization we decided not to wait any longer. Our number one priority has always been to ensure the health and safety of all our members and coaches, so during this tough time we also ask our members to please stay home safe and healthy. The Coronavirus desease is for real.

Comments from our members

We already informed our members through a personal video message – watch the video and read some comments of our members below:

Once again I’m confronted with the fact that CFH is a great community that thinks about the healthy choices and their members. I have been a member about 6 weeks and I will continue to be a member for a long long time. Keep up the great work and if we can help in some kind of way please let us know. Together we are strong, divided we are not. – Tom

I am really happy for your decision, I am italian (as you know) and I can see the effects of poor prevention in my country. My family and all my friends are now locked down. This is as bad as the current situation is now, so I am really proud of you that you are taking risks seriously as they are and that you are choosing our safety as a priority. – Alessia

Lots of respect for this responsible decision! Proud that you guys take these circumstances seriously and put the health of our community first! Like in the rest of the world, these circumstances are unlike any other, but supporting each other and working together is key. By making this decision you support the health care system, now let’s support you. – Anouk

I understand and fully support your position. I also, thank you greatly for coaching me to a healthier and fitter body. Because of that, I will not cancel my monthly payments during this pandemic. I want the gym to be able to weather this storm so as to help others in the future. – Jeff

Understandable, and CFH has my support as well since we want you to – financially – survive too! – Susanne

These are circumstances beyond anyone’s control. I can’t imagine someone would not extend their membership, it would be almost the same as giving up on your family! We are a community and will overcome this together. You’ll have our support. Stay healthy everybody! – Jasmijn & Andy

WE FEEL SO BLESSED with such an understanding and supporting member community that we are very motivated in our goal to also help you during this uncertain time full of concerns about the future, ongoing health risks, the economy, etc. Despite all this we would like to introduce:

CrossFit Heerlen At-Home WODs & Remote Coaching

Like mentioned in our video, we – the CrossFit Heerlen Team – will provide all members of our community with at-home workouts (WOD = Workout of the Day) and remote coaching until their is no threat of spreading the Coronavirus anymore.

CFH Remote Coaching

The first (mindset) coaching we want to give you is:

Let your mindset help you feel calmer and more prepared. It starts with one very powerful belief: focus on actions, not outcomes. The truth is, no one can control what happens next. And that gives many of us a feeling of uncertainty that causes stress and anxiety. But by focusing your attention on small daily actions, like doing the at-home workout we’ll share with you everyday as from tomorrow, you can move forward even in the face of uncertainty. And in turn, that reduces stress and anxiety.

We have a strong belief it’ll work for you. For our part, we will continue to focus our daily actions on fulfilling our box purpose. That purpose is giving you the best hour of your day and help you become happy, strong and healthy. We want you to accomplish your goals by providing you with the education, tools, and support you need to improve your own life and the lives of others. And that’s not going to change.

In the coming days, weeks, and maybe even months (we hope not), we’ll be helping you navigate these challenges and continue to make the progress you want. Whether you’re looking to achieve your personal health and fitness goals… or reduce stress and anxiety during this uncertain period of time.

For today, we’ll leave you with our first CFH at-home workout of the day…


Monday, March 16th

MURPH prep

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes, for quality:

5 Tricep Chair Dip
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

Scaling/modifications: Tricep chair dip with feeth on the ground, chair push ups, chair squats. Score is number of succesfull rounds with good movement standards. Note: form before speed!

Follow us on Facebook for our first CFH at-home WOD brief tomorrow morning. It will go live at 6am!