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CrossFit Couple of the Month: Jason & Meagan Pearce

Who are you? Please introduce yourself to us.

“My Name is Jason Pearce. I am 36 years old and originally from Boston Massachusetts. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Meagan and we are raising 3 awesome children together. We have been living here in The Netherlands since November 2016.”

“My name is Meagan Pearce; I am 30 years old from Texas, wife, and mother of three children.”

When did you first hear about CrossFit and what was your first experience like at CrossFit Heerlen/First WOD?
 “I first heard about CrossFit back in 2007 when I was living in Texas. I first heard about CrossFit Heerlen from coach Quentin while working out at Basic Fit in Kerkrade. My first experience at CrossFit Heerlen I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but Coach Gena (coaching Fundamentals at the time) was very welcoming. My first WOD was the following AMRAP: 6 Strict HSPU’s / 9DL’s (70KG) / 30 DU’s – I completed 3 rounds + 6 Strict HSPU’s and 5 DL’s. I wasnt able to do DU’s at the time.”
Meagan: “Jason and I met Quinten at Basic Fit, after about 4-5 months of our membership there Quinten invited us to try CrossFit Heerlen. I asked my husband to give it a try first and to tell me his thoughts. After he completed his trial classes he came home one day and told me he signed me up, I then had no choice but to give it a try. My first experience at CrossFit Heerlen was welcoming and encouraging, the provided environment supported my capabilities by providing modified versions of exercises that I did not feel embarrassed to use.”

How long have you been CrossFitting and what did you do for exercise before?

Fundamentals Picture – Jason

Jason: “I have been CrossFitting since April of 2018. Before I started Crossfit I just worked out at a regular gym and did bodyweight exercises.”

Fundamentals Picture – Meagan

Meagan: “I began CrossFit in May 2018. Prior to CrossFit I had been working out with my husband at Basic Fit for about 9 months, prior to that I was not engaged in physical fitness outside of playing or riding bikes with my children.”

How many days/week do you CrossFit and what is your normal class time?
Jason: “I normally try to go 5-6 times a week. Mon and Wed I shoot for the 1100 class. Tue-Thu and Fri i shoot for an evening class. And then on Saturdays I usually go at 9 or 10.”
“I aim to complete at least 5 sessions a week. I prefer the 9:00 am classes but sometimes I’ll join the 11:00 am classes to workout with my husband. Occasionally I’ll join an evening class when I have other daytime obligations.”

What’s your most recent PR/accomplishment?
“My most recent PR was snatching 24KG KB 45x each arm during a WOD.”
Meagan: “My most recent PR was a dumbbell snatch with 15 kg (10 reps).”

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Heerlen?
Jason: “By far the Community. I enjoy working out in a group environment and seeing people motivate each other to better themselves.”
“My favorite thing about CrossFit Heerlen is the team morale and getting to workout with others. “

A part of the CrossFit Heerlen Member Community including two of their kids; Baby J (with the “funny face” *lol*) and Adrianna

What is your favorite healthy meal? And what’s your favorite cheat meal?
Jason: “My Favorite Healthy Meal: Chicken Breast with avacado and quinoa rice. My favorite cheat meal: Chinese Food Buffet style.”
“My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken breast & asparagus with quinoa rice.  My favorite cheat meal is BBQ Ribs smothered in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, grilled corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes with Sweet Tea =)”

What accomplishments are you most proud of (outside and/or inside of the gym)?
Jason: “Outside of the gym: I will be eligible for retirement from the Army in 4 years. Inside of the gym: Hitting those PR’s!”
“I just completed my Masters in Forensic Psychology this by far is the biggest accomplishment I am most proud of at this time. “

What is your favorite CrossFit movement and/or Benchmark WOD?
Jason: “My favorite Benchmark WOD so far is the Murph.”
“My favorite benchmark WOD is Linda; my first experience with this WOD was done in a team setting, which I really enjoyed.”

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement and/or Benchmark WOD?
Jason: “My least favorite CrossFit movement right now would have to be the pistol squat.”
“My least favorite CrossFit movement is Wall-Balls.”

What motivates you to keep pushing during a WOD?
Jason: “What motivates me to keep pushing during a WOD is loud music, coach encouragement, and knowing that the harder I push now the easier it will be next time.”
“Seeing others push through the temporary pain motivates me to keep pushing during a WOD.”

How has CrossFit made your life easier?
Jason: “In many ways CrossFit has changed me. I have way more energy now to keep up with my kids than I did a year ago. I have a more positive attitude and outlook at life as a whole. I believe CrossFit has positively changed Meagan and I’s life forever.”
“In many aspects CrossFit has made me healthier and happier. Today I am a better version of myself, I have more energy for my family, and I often feel wonderful. “

What is one goal you would like to accomplish in the next year?
Jason: “Master the squat-snatch and Overhead Squat.”
“One goal I would like to accomplish within this next year is to complete strict pull-ups.”

Fun Questions: These are to answer about each other!

Describe each other in only 3 words.
Jason: “Beautiful, Intelligent, and Loving.”
Meagan: “Three words to describe Jason are diligent, sympathetic, and charming.”

If your partner could have a superhero power, what would he/she pick?
Jason: “If Meagan could have a super hero power I think she would pick Wonder Woman because she is Strong, compassionate, fearless, and independent.”
“Jason would probably choose to fly like Superman.”

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about each other?
Jason: “I think people would be surprised to know that I am afraid of spiders and Meagan has to kill them for me :)”
“Jason and I have been together for 11 years, we met during a night out dancing when I was 19 years old. After a year dating, he deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months when he returned we got married.”

Final Question: What advice would you give to someone just starting at CFH?
Jason: “I would tell them to listen to the coaches, don’t worry about progression because it will come with time, and to keep showing up everyday as the results will come.”
“The advice I would give someone just starting CrossFit Heerlen would be to give yourself time to learn the movements, listen to the coaches, ask for advice/tips when trying to make improvements, and don’t worry about trying to keep up with someone else because in time you will surprise yourself.”

The CrossFit Heerlen Staff Team about our CrossFit Couple of the Month

Danny & Thessyana: “We can see how you guys – even with busy work, study schedules and three children – make your health and fitness a priority by coming to CrossFit Heerlen almost daily. We love having the whole family come in, and you can tell what a positive influence you are to your kids. It’s funny to see how they (especially Baby J, he’s a star) like to imitate you both during workouts and that Mykiah and Adrianna proudly take pictures. We appreciate how the both of you always walk in with a big smile and positive attitude towards the gym and fellow athletes. Your energy is contagious and also very appreciated while cheering during community events and WODs. You both are coachable athletes who constantly strive for improvement and you have been putting in the work and it shows; Meagan’s perseverance led to wall ball shots as prescribed in only a short amount of time and Jason is already combining his amazing shoulder strength with complex gymnastics skills! These are just a few examples and they are not self-evident, so keep doing what you do. You’re doing great!”

Coach Valerie: “Jason and Meagan Pearce certainly are FIERCE! What a hardworking couple, always showing up to the gym with a smile and putting in 100% effort. Great, positive attitude from both of them and I love seeing them encourage each other during the WOD! Keep up the good work, you two, and you’ll keep hitting those milestones! 💪🏼”

Coach Nadesch: “Congratulations powercouple! I love it how humble the two of you are and working hard together as a couple, and family. There is always a place in the world to live, love, have fun and workout. So keep going back home and stay a wonderful family in and outside the gym! We will miss you!”

Coach Stephanie: “Congratulations Jason & Meagan, well earned.. You guys are so into CrossFit and overall getting healthier and creating a more fitter and better version of yourselves! I love that you two are always up for a conversation and so eager to learn new things or receiving feedback. And your hard work payed off. Such an improvement and progression from when you two started. 👏 It’ s a pitty seeing you guys almost leave but before that, let’s make the best out of it right now and show me some fire in the CrossFit Open 2019! Lets go powercouple!!”

Coach Jos: “Crossfit Heerlen couple, you both earned this title. Love to see you coming to my classes. Great couple and beautiful kids. Keep up the good work and keep going. We are going to miss you.”

Coach Armand: “In the few months they have been members they earned a top spot in our Crossfit Heerlen community bringing us joy, camaraderie, treats, cheers, sharing their personal growths and milestones and above all an exceptional humble attitude. I am sad to see you leave but I know you will be very happy to visit your home country again. You will leave a lasting impression on a lot of Crossfit Heerlen members, kudos to you guys!”

Coach Quinten: “Congrats with this title… it fits you perfectly! Awesome people, always working hard, never complaining and always giving it an extra push. Sad to see you leave, but we’re going to make it the best last few weeks… 😎 Ow, and Jason, you still owe me Texan BBQ Spare Ribs. GO RAIDERS!”