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CrossFit Couple of the Month: Chris & Marcelina

Who are you? Please introduce yourself to us.

“Hello Crossfit Toppers! My name is Chris, I’m 31 years young. I live in Hoensbroek with my awesome girlfriend Marcelina. Currently active in the IT business. I work full-time as Network Engineer at the firm TCC, located in Maastricht. Got a lot of different hobbies. My biggest hobby is eating :). Also for the last 16 years I’ve been active in “competitive” darts. I like driving our motorcycle in the summer. Also in the summertime I do some windsurfing. I like to play video games and different kind of board games. I love watching series and being very lazy, chilling on the couch. And ofcourse cant forget about Crossfit. :)”

“Hey Ya’ll, my name is Marcelina, 32yo, I live in the ever so exotic Hoensbroek with my dearest piggy Chris. I work as a Clinical Trial Manager for a CRO (Clinical Research Organization). It’s ok if you don’t know what that is- neither do I. I got lots and lots of hobbies, most are of the creative kind: drawing, painting, most recently tattooing, reading, gaming, riding motorcycle.. Uhm, eating and last but not least Crossfit! Coincidentally I’m also very lazy 😂”

When did you first hear about CrossFit and what was your first experience like at CrossFit Heerlen/First WOD?
“Almost 2 years ago Marcelina and I were looking for a different sport. We did a lot of fitness, but that was getting really boring. Again and again, headphones on and doing simple squats, sitting on some fancy biceps machine and off to home. Day after day a different muscle group and doing the whole thing over and over.  So like most people I watched this documentary on Netflix about Crossfit and we where instantly looking for a Crossfit gym (aka a box). With some help from Google we found CrossFit Heerlen. We scheduled a trial class, which was with Marcelina and my brother. First WOD was with coach Jos, can’t really remember the workout, it was something with running and wallballs, what a joyful workout – _-. I must say I didn’t like that workout, running is not my thing (I’m too heavy ). But the team spirit, atmosphere, and coach Jos where great and for some reason I even liked the running. Here’s a picture after the trial class workout:”

Marcelina: “I heard a lot about it through social media. To be honest, it mostly wasn’t positive (injuries, lack of form, throwing up!). However, Chris and I were looking for something else after years of doing the same stuff, so I threw the prejudice out of the window and Chris scheduled a trial class. As I was just recently at home with a burn out, that first class was tough! It was cold, there was lot’s of running, burpees, wall balls.. the horror!”

How long have you been CrossFitting and what did you do for exercise before?
“So almost two years now. And before I did a lot of fitness / bodybuilding. Too bad I can’t find the picture where my arms were almost as big as my head and I have a big head haha. Of course with a bit too high fat percentage.. Haha. But that wasn’t being very healthy, so I slimmed down a bit. I think that the 2 years of doing short HIIT, like Crossfit is doing great for me. I can eat a lot and keep my weight decently balanced.”
Marcelina: “We started Crossfit in Jan/Feb 2017, so almost two years now. We were doing mostly fitness/body building for around 5 or 6 years before that.”

How many days/week do you CrossFit and what is your normal class time?
Chris: “I go 3 times a week, mostly Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Around 18:30 classes.”
Marcelina: “We do three WODs and one Open Gym per week, on Mondays, Thursdays (18.30) and Saturdays.”

What was or what were your favorite moment(s) in our box until now?
Chris: “Snatch practise of course. I like the complexity of this movement. I’m still far from even doing a descent snatch, but I practice a lot during the open gym for perfecting the movement. So if someone wants to join my weekly snatch session, Saturdays 13:00 open gym time.”
Marcelina: “Hmm, I think I would have to go for Murph 2018. I had trained for it (even at home, ohmygosh..), didn’t brake up the squats, push-ups and ring rows into Cindy AND beat last year’s time.”

What’s your most recent PR/accomplishment?
“I did a 80kg snatch recently. But the weight isn’t really the problem, I want a well executed snatch. That one I count 🙂 so this year the 80kg snatch was my goal and next year we will see. 🙂
Also last week I got a PR with rope climbing. Never ever have I reached the top before and now I did it four times during a WOD. It was very hard for me, as I got a lot of body weight that’s needs to go up hahaha. Ps: I use my body weight excuse for everything I’m not good at :p”
Marcelina: “The latest PR is a 65kg front squat, my latest accomplishment would have to be doing double unders during a WOD. They finally stuck with me!

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Heerlen?
Chris: “I really like that I don’t have to think about what kind of workout I will do that day. Also the community, coaches are great. The atmosphere is always super. ”
Marcelina: “Something I never thought I would appreciate – the community! I was never a group sport person, enjoyed doing my own thing. However, I got sucked into this community, made new friends and have it even extend to the rest of the world. Wherever we are, we can go to a box and have a little piece of home with us. I guess that’s what it is now, a second home! As to the sport itself – I love that CFH pays so much attention to form and pushing yourself within healthy limits! You get no-repped, told to take weight off, there’s a lot of attention to technique etc. After all, there is no pride in PRs that consist of shallow squats or broken limbs. The new cycle system of focusing on one movement for a longer time is awesome!”

What is your favorite healthy meal? And what’s your favorite cheat meal?
Chris: “I like sushi a lot, I think it’s very healthy, but not with the quantity that I eat it. Cheat meal? I don’t cheat …. Hmm, that’s a big lie 🙂 but I really don’t have a favorite cheat meal, I cheat too much, can’t keep track of it haha.”
Marcelina: “I eat basically anything and don’t pay too much attention to things being ‘healthy’, I eat nutritional food to hit my daily intakes. I love asian food though (especially Japanese). As to cheat meals, I love ALL of them 😄, especially when they’re greasy and salty ❤️! If I would have to choose one, I think it would be ramen noodles (bamisoepjes). Could eat that crap all day long.”

What accomplishments are you most proud of (outside and/or inside of the gym)?
Chris: “Finishing last in a WOD, 15 times unbroken 🙂 haha. But in all seriousness, I like to do the workouts at a slow pace, especially when there are technical movements in the WOD, like a snatch. So form / technique before time and reps 🙂 that’s why I got this unbelievable 15 times unbroken PR.”
Marcelina: “Being able to pull myself back if I notice that I’m not progressing. I take a few steps back, try and identify where the issue lies and just mindlessly put in the work and time to improve. If that means that I have to take of weight or do accessory work for a couple of months, then that’s what will be done. ”

What is your favorite CrossFit movement and/or Benchmark WOD?
Chris: “I don’t know many benchmarks, but I know “Isabel” so try guessing my favorite movement :)”
Marcelina: “My favorite movement would be the clean, benchmark WOD would be Murph. ”

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement and/or Benchmark WOD?
Chris: “Something with running and burbees :p”
Marcelina: “Running!! I don’t like the fact that it takes so long to do a few meters 😂”

What motivates you to keep pushing during a WOD?
Chris: “The coaches that tell me: Keep going! Come on, you can do it! One more rep! NO REP! :P”
Marcelina: “The people around me, it’s great that you keep to do your own thing but see others work hard on the same thing. Even if you have an off day, there is just no room to say ‘oh well, I’ll just go home earlier’.”

How has CrossFit made your life easier?
Chris: “I’m mentally tired after a long day of work, got an office job, with a lot of screen time. But after a WOD I feel more relaxed and energized. So this IS good for me to keep things in balance. That’s why I’m really looking forward to go to the box and workout. Also because of CrossFit Heerlen I’ve made new awesome friends whith whom I not only spend time in the box, but also outside of it, driving motorcycle, eating sushi.”
Marcelina: “I feel physically great overall. This is new to me, as I used to be so lazy I even got injuries from it. Didn’t eat and drink enough and just felt like crap. It started to change back when I was going to the gym, but it went into overdrive with CF- I’ve never been this strong and I love it!”

What is one goal you would like to accomplish in the next year?
Chris: “90 kg snatch is for next year”
Marcelina: “I would like to finally be able to do one pull-up. Just one 😭! Also, make some progress with a hand stand walk (let’s be realistic here and say ‘some’) and get the snatch down. I won’t be putting any weight on the bar until that snatch technique improves and I stop looking like a spider doing a weird cartwheel.”

Fun Questions: These are to answer about each other!

Describe each other in only 3 words.
Chris: “Easy! Awesome fatty piglet.”
Marcelina: “Such a weird insulting piggy ❤️. “

If your partner could have a superhero power, what would he/she pick?
Chris: “Whining”
Marcelina: “To instantly conjure up delicious food and have the dishes do themselves afterwords. “

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about each other?
Chris: “Good question, don’t really know. Maybe that Marcelina is a little piggy? But everyone knows that.. ”
Marcelina: “Something with still waters running deep 😊 to quote coach Armand: ‘you look so slow, but then BAM’😂”

Final Question: What advice would you give to someone just starting at CFH?
Chris: “Listen to the coaches! Refine your technique first and then start increasing weights, very slowly 🙂 do a lot of stretching before and after the WOD. Further more, have fun with working out :)”
Marcelina: “It’s all over the gym, but I’m gonna repeat it: leave your ego at the door. There is so much to learn and to work on, don’t expect to come in for a month and then to be able do incredible things. Everyone, regardless of weight or experience, is good at something, so focus first on that and have fun with it! My personal favorite: just because you’re able to get a weight over your head by pulling, pushing, huffing and puffing, doesn’t mean you’re actually doing the movement you should be doing, so sit your butt down and work on that technique 😊🙌”

The CrossFit Heerlen Staff Team about our CrossFit Couple of the Month

Danny & Thessyana: We love Chris and Marcelina. We chose Chris and Marcelina as CrossFitters of the Month for so many reasons. They are authentic, humble, CrossFit-minded and people smart persons. They work hard, practise movements consistently and they always prioritize form before speed (even while running… ;)). They are also both super coachable and grateful to receive any and all feedback in their pursuit of health and fitness. We think people like being in their presence, because they have a different way of connecting – they are relaxed, always supportive and honest and have great listening skills. They are knowledgeable individuals and friendly and welcoming to all athletes, but also don’t mind to spread some tough love when needed. Besides that they are always present during our community events, willing to help us and stay longer to do so. We appreciate that a lot! Even though they had their anniversary last year, they still made it to come to the box for a few hours and were terrific scare actors during our Haunted Box Halloween event. We are super grateful to have Chris and Marcelina as a part of the CrossFit Heerlen family!

Coach Valerie: This couple always brings a good attitude to the workout and pushes eachother to keep going, even when they don’t want to. Chris and Marcelina are so fun to have in class and their consistency continues to pay off in their accomplishments. Congrats to a great CrossFit Heerlen couple!

Coach Nadesch: Chris en Marcelina brengen altijd een leuke sfeer mee als ze de box binnen komen! Ze zijn vriendelijk, werken allebei hard aan hun doelen, en zijn beide gefocust op eerst techniek dan intensiteit. Het resultaat hiervan is goed te zien in de vooruitgang die Chris geboekt heeft in zijn snatches, en Marcelina is ook een doorzetter en blijft stappen vooruit zetten! What you see is what you get geldt voor hen beide. En daardoor zijn ze beide fijne en leuke mensen om bij in de buurt te zijn 😊

Coach Stephanie: Chris en Marcelina, jullie zijn twee mensen met het hart op de goede plek en veel passie voor CrossFit, eager to learn and dedicated to the sport! Altijd vrolijk en in voor een praatje… Ik vind het altijd plezierig om jullie in mijn lessen te hebben. Keep up the good work! (BTW Chris, nieuwe doelstelling snatch –> je hebt nog twee maanden, 80+… haha!)

Coach Jos: Chris en Marcelina stralen in de box altijd plezier uit. Chris doet het liefst een WOD maar zwaar gewichtheffen. Marcelina vindt bijna alles leuk. Een graag gezien stel dat plezier mee de box in neemt. Ik coach jullie graag, jullie zijn oplettend en leergierig. En wauw wat kan jij tekenen Marcelina…

Coach Armand: Chris en Marcelina zijn voor mij CrossFit koppel van de maand omdat ze een voorbeeld zijn in onverzettelijkheid bij het aanleren van een nieuwe techniek. Het geduld en de onverstoorbaarheid waarmee zij allebei werken is bewonderenswaardig. Daarnaast zijn e een genot om in de les te hebben, zij brengen een stukje zelfspot mee dat zeer aanstekelijk werkt. “Leave your ego at the door” staat hen op het lijf geschreven.

Coach Quinten: Chris en Marcelina zijn altijd in voor een grapje, maar super serieus op de momenten dat het er op aan komt. Twee weightlifting minded personen, maar zeker niet vies van de nodige gymnastics! Bij beide op het gezicht af te lezen als de frustratie inslaat maar Keep Rocking those PRs en succes in de toekomst! 💪🏻👍🏻