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At CrossFit Heerlen, we are constantly striving to improve the team with talented and motivated individuals. Our core focus is to give our members the best hour of their day, which is accomplished by creating a supportive, professional and fun training environment with strong leadership.

Wanna be an influencer!?!

Careers at CrossFit Heerlen

We are a community-driven and familiy-oriented, official affiliated CrossFit box and we hire through our core values: Fun, Passion, Integrity & Virtuosity. 

In our continuous and relentless pursuit of excellence, we seek out the next addition to our team. Do you have the ability to go beyond the movements and connect with your clients. Are you able to develop an awareness of your clients’ potential, building trust and creating a safe and fun atmosphere? Then we’re looking for you!

Note: You don’t have to be a I-know-it-all-coach, and you also don’t have to be like Mat Fraser. We are looking for an open-minded and great coach – not an athlete – who puts others first, coaches the positive and lives his/her life with integrity.

CrossFit Heerlen Coach

Educator, inspirator and entertainer. Coach first, then athlete. Part-time and full-time. 

• People skills required
• Leadership skills required
• Preferably a member of the CrossFit Heerlen community
• Working independently and strong sense of responsibility
• Willingness to learn (CrossFit Trainer Certificate Course + Coach Development Program) and receive constructive criticism
• Pay based on CrossFit accreditation
• Free Unlimited Membership
• Gym pays for 50% of all approved professional development
• Continues professional development, being part of a passionate team including regular team trips and events

Want to become a coach at CrossFit Heerlen?

Improve the lives, health and happiness of our members. To schedule an IN PERSON interview, contact