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Antoine Pütz: Before and After I started CrossFit

Antoine is like many members the success story of our gym. And even now he is not only maintaining his fitness, he is still improving and getting stronger every day. Since 2021 he is also a fulltime coach at CrossFit Heerlen.

He understands like no other that it can be difficult to join a gym and to start CrossFit. That it even can be scary to join a gym, but CrossFit Heerlen has solved this for lots of people by being a welcoming gym no matter where you come from, your age, sex, or whatsoever, by providing professional, understandable and approachable coaching for all levels of fitness.

Now, many years later after starting CrossFit, Antoine experienced by himself that he was able to improve his fitness and health in such a way that his body allows a life without limitations. All of that, thanks to CrossFit.

We never shared this picture before in the past, but he gave us approval already months ago. Thing is, he just didn’t stop improving. That’s why we thought we had to wait. We also think now that this image might be replaced again in the future… Keep up the good work Antoine!

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