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CrossFit Heerlen

100 Club

Number of members in the CrossFit Heerlen 100 Club

Double Under Champs

Perform 100 Double Unders.

That’s how you get into the CrossFit Heerlen 100 Club.
Just that, UNBROKEN. Consecutive. No mistakes.
There is no time cap for the 100 Club Challenge! 

You must prove that you can do 100 unbroken Double Unders by submitting a video to your Facebook page and/or Instagram.
Do not forget to tag CrossFit Heerlen and add #CrossFitHeerlen100Club. You can also e-mail the YouTube-link to  Don’t you like all the attention on social media or are you worried about your privacy? Then let your CrossFit Heerlen coach judge you.
When you “prove” your Double Under skills and they are validated by the CrossFit Heerlen Staff Team you will receive a CrossFit Heerlen 100 Club Member Award sticker.

*Only CrossFit Heerlen members can become a member of the CrossFit Heerlen 100 Club.

Members of the CrossFit Heerlen 100 Club

These members have proven to be a Double Unders Jedi.
  • Danny P
  • Quinten G
  • Valerie S
  • Maikel S
  • Frank G
  • Slavisa R
  • Twan D
  • Yorian V
  • Pedro T
  • Steve S
  • Bart C
  • Maurice W
  • Christian B
  • Sandra H
  • Alex N
  • Fabian C
  • Roland J
  • Nikki J
  • Simon A
  • Patricia P
  • Norman O
  • Anouk C
  • Anne H
  • Jeroen V
  • Roel R
  • Susanne B
  • Veerle K
  • Antoine P
  • Femke R
  • Thijs van de K
  • Rob W