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Armand Louis

Coach | CrossFit Level 1 / Weightlifting Trainer

About me

I’ve been doing CrossFit since September 2016. Already after a few months of doing CrossFit I felt a growing ambition to do something within CrossFit. Saskia pointed me towards the coaching position. Something I never thought about since being in front of a group of people wasn’t something I dreamed about. But my passion overwon my fear and I took the CrossFit Level 1 Course (CF-L1) in July 2017.

The thing I like the most about coaching is when a cue I give really sinks in, when it clicks in the mind of an athlete, and I see the sparkle in their eyes when they notice and feel the change/difference.

My ultimate goal at CrossFit Heerlen is giving up my day job and becoming a fulltime coach at CrossFit Heerlen. Coming in early and staying late, absorbing and spreading the positive vibes and energy I get from the members of the CrossFit Heerlen community.

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CrossFit Training Credentials

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Credentialed CF-L1 Trainer
Weightlifting Trainer (Olympic)
Level 1-2 - Dutch Weightlifting Association (NGB)