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Antoine Pütz


Antoine has been a member of CrossFit Heerlen since March 2017, but has been shooting pictures since the first day he visited our box as a spectator during our opening event in 2016. And now we are proud to mention that he is a creative member of the CrossFit Heerlen staff team.

So in the beginning he visited our box as a friend and professional passionate photographer with his camera along. At that time he was not interested in doing sports at all. He just visited the gym out of curiousity. “What were Danny and Thessyana up to?”, were his thoughts. But something triggered him. After some months he took a big step by signing up for his first class. And now – a bit more than a year later – he’s one of the most driven members at our box, totally hooked, and strives to extend the same compassion he has experienced to all (new) members of the CrossFit Heerlen family through photography.

His love for CrossFit, as well as capturing emotion and beauty through the lens has taken him on many adventures, photographing events like the CrossFit Open, special workouts like Hero31, Murph, seminars and clinics and many other CrossFit Heerlen community events. Also the pictures on our website are thanks to Antoine.

In addition, Antoine pursues his photography business in an effort to create and share impactful imagery. Below a gallery of Antoine’s recent work to get an impression.