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CrossFit Heerlen Performance Program

Reach your full potential.

Performance Program

Besides our main program we offer a supplementary workout track for our more experienced members to follow during Open Gym hours: the CrossFit Heerlen Performance Program.

The CrossFit Heerlen program is a balanced, structured and tailored program to suit the needs of our members. The focus of our main program will remain unchanged and is a balanced program with plenty of strength (including Power- & Olympic-style lifting), conditioning and gymnastics – and an emphasis that the everyday person can move better, become happier, stronger and healthier (also mentally), and more capable and competent (fitter) by following it.

Our Performance Program can be followed on top of our main program during Open Gym hours and comes with an add-on Open Gym membership. The Performance Program incorporates all facets of strength, skill and energy system development into your training. The CrossFit Heerlen Performance Program addresses the areas preventing you from reaching your full potential and can be added to your workout regime to give you that something extra.


Want to use our Performance Program?

Members with an Open Gym add-on membership will be added to our Performance track on Beyond the Whiteboard automatically.