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Meet the NEW COACH: Stephanie Stulin

Sometimes people walk into the gym and it just seems like it was meant to be. This is what happened when Stephanie came along. Being an avid CrossFitter and non-practicing CrossFit coach, it was only a matter of time before she made her way over to workout together. She turned out to fit right in with our community, which made it a very easy decision to hire her as a coach when she expressed interest. We are very lucky to have Stephanie as part of the CrossFit Heerlen community and we hope you all get a chance to meet her and take one of her classes soon. Now, let’s get to know a little more about our new Coach!

Nickname: Just call me Steef!

Age: 25

Can you tell us a bit about you and your sporting background?
I did all kinds of sports past the years; dancing, kickboxing, fitness, specific kettlebell training to eventually CrossFit. In 2013 I started doing the sports academy CIOS and recently I’m a 2nd years student of Physical Therapy at Hogeschool Zuyd.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Since 2014

What made you want to try it in the beginning?
I saw a video of this girl named Suzanne Svanevik, where she was doing ring push ups, clean & jerk ladder, strict pull ups, bar muscle ups, handstand push ups.. well, you name it. From that point on I thought WOW what’s this, and where can I start doing it?! So I started my search for a CrossFit Box, six months later there was the opening of the first CrossFit box in Limburg.

When did you start coaching? And what is your favorite aspect of being a CrossFit coach?
1,5 years later I became a coach in that same box in Landgraaf and have been giving classes there for over a year. Eventually I start working in Elsloo and I’m still having 2 groups who I give strength & conditioning classes.
I think for me, the favorite aspect is seeing people grow, you see how they become healthier and stronger, fitter and they just keep getting better at doing CrossFit.

When and how did you find out about CrossFit Heerlen?
I know Danny & Thess for many years, so I knew when they started and opened their own Box.
I even dropped in last year to participate in the CrossFit Open workouts. Fun fact; I learned to do double unders from that moment!

What made you apply?
I missed being in a CrossFit box and being surrounded by a community so I decided to start training again. Last year was more about weightlifting and I really wanted to do WODs again.. Then I heard they were going to look for new coaches, and I thought, well, that would be a great opportunity for me, so I decided so apply!

As a coach, what is the best advice you can give to early CrossFitters? And what advice would you give to some one who might be interested in trying CrossFit but is too nervous or feels like they need to get into better shape first?
Have patience! Because of the many movements and diversity you will get better and grow but slowly and at everything, and if you want to accomplish one specific movement than then just set goals over time!
And for the people who are in doubt, the fun thing about the CrossFit community is that there are all kinds of different people with different backgrounds, what makes this sports so unique because it’s accessible for everybody, we can make the movements easier and also more difficult for everybody!

What was your first CrossFit WOD ever?
Strength: Push Presses
WOD: 3 x 7:00 amrap
– thrusters ladder, start by 2
– 4 burpees
2:00 min rest
-Ringrow ladder, start by 2
– 4 burpees
2:00 min rest
– Knees to elbow, start by 2
– 4 burpees

What’s your favourite CrossFit WOD?
Benchmark; Linda.

And what’s your favourite CrossFit movement/exercise?
I think the snatch!

What’s your favourite workout music (genre and/or track)?
Rap & Hip-hop, Like Kanye West with Black skinhead.

What are some of your favourite activities outside the box?
When I have vacation during my study, I really like to go on vacations as much as possible to see different countries. I like hanging out with my best friends and I can really enjoy good food!

Finally, what is your ultimate goal in CrossFit and/or at CrossFit Heerlen?
To develop myself as coach as much as possible, eventually at a point where I can help people with their sport specific goals but also help people who are struggling with injuries. To combine these two with eachother will be my next challenge.

Fitnesstrainer A
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Massage certification for sports and relaxation