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Jeff Morris: Before & After I started CrossFit

This is Jeff before and after starting CrossFit at our gym. We can’t be more proud to all his achievements so far. Read his story if you want to get inspired. Get in shape. Feel Good. Become happy. Be like Jeff.

Jeff’s Story: “Over the last week, I recreated photos from some of my darkest days for a before and after side-by-side montage:

5 years ago today, also on a Monday, I woke up physically feeling the worst I had ever felt in my life. My bones felt like they were trying to break through my skin; I could barely even keep water down; I was simultaneously hot and cold; shaking and sweating profusely…. And I still had to go to work. It was another 4 days filled with terror and little sleep before I began to even feel human. I knew I wasn’t dead because I was hurting too much. I had become physically dependent on alcohol over the 5 years prior.
Now, at 40, I feel healthier and more alive than at any other point in my life. I have not been alone in this journey. From the first person that told me I had to make a change on that fateful Sunday morning, to the colleague who held me responsible for my actions the next day, and the counselor who mapped out the next 90 day path to success. My first sponsor, and the hundreds of fellows I’ve met literally around the world.
It was only within the last year that I began to take my physical health as seriously as my mental well-being. This year I want to give special thanks and appreciation to all the coaches at @crossfitheerlen for helping me to further my fitness goals.
@dannyplesz Especially good workout this morning reminding me that there’s a good kind of pain.
Thanks to all who have shown me love and support. I only share this so that anyone else struggling with addiction may see that there is a way out and that life is SO much better on the other side. There’s always someone out there that cares and people willing to help. You just gave to take that first step.”
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