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Mobility, Flexibility, Balance & Body Awareness

Functional Yoga

Increase your mobility, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Strengthen your muscles and connective tissue, create more ROM (range of motion), remove tension and improve your overall breathing with Functional Yoga at CrossFit Heerlen.

The following 10 reasons will help you to understand exactly how and why yoga is important for you. Whether you want to improve in one specific area, or improve across the board, get ready to take your training, performance and well-being to the next level.

1. Yoga Improves your balance
2. Yoga is a Great Way to Improve Gymnastic Movements in CrossFit
3. Yoga Enhances Flexibility and Mobility
4. Yoga Builds Strength
5. Yoga leads to Better Breathing
6. Yoga can Increase your Ability to Cope more Effectively with Variation
7. Yoga supports a Better Mental Focus
8. Yoga Creates a Greater Sense of Calm
9. Yoga can Decrease Heart Rate
10. Yoga Strengthens Connective Tissue

Meet our Yoga Teacher

Our coaches are the best of the best. They are qualified and certified to support you in becoming strong and healthy!


Yoga Teacher