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CrossFit Terms Explained: The Girls and The Heroes

For those who are new to CrossFit it can be hard to read the language of CrossFit. Often there are words or abbreviation that people outside the box have no idea what they mean. Educate yourself and read on our blog some of the most used CrossFit concepts explained in a simple way. In this blogpost we will explain The Girls and The Heroes.

Who are The Girls & The Heroes that we refer to on the entry of our dressing and shower room? When we speak of them, we actually talk about CrossFit Benchmark Workouts. Benchmark WODs serve as a way for CrossFit athletes to measure performance over time. But let us explain a bit more to you about the deeper meaning.

The Girls

The first CrossFit benchmark workouts were introduced in September 2003: Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Diane, Elizabeth and Fran. These six workouts, as their names suggest, were called “The Girls”. As benchmark workouts, the six girls represent the CrossFit ideal and serve as a way for athletes to benchmark and measure performance over time.

The first group of three girls, Angie, Barbara and Chelsea, are simple – yet tough – workouts based entirely on common calisthenics, with each one providing a uniquely different metabolic challenge. The second group of girls, Diane, Elizabeth and Fran, combine the calisthenic elements with fundamental weightlifting movements, resulting in functional whole body workouts that represent what CrossFit is all about.

Since the original six benchmark workouts there’s been numerous additions, including “The New Girls”, with a current total of 21 girl benchmark workouts. All of the workouts can be viewed below.

The Heroes

A Hero WOD (abbreviation for workout of the day) is a tribute to a fallen first responder or member of the military who died in the line of duty. “Military, law enforcement and first responder communities were amongst the earliest proponents of CrossFit. Their intensity matched with the fitness CrossFit provides is a match made in heaven. When a service member dies in the line of duty, a CrossFit hero workout is created in their name. Hero WODs are an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the fallen – to speak their names and honor their memories. These workouts have been a tradition of workout gyms since 2008.” (Note: CrossFit’s first Hero WOD, “JT”, was actually posted in 2005).