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CrossFit Heerlen Buddy Team of the Month: Anouk & Chrissi

Who are you? Please introduce yourself to us.

“My name is Anouk Claessens. I am 27 years old and I live in Hoensbroek together with Quinten. I am a medical doctor currently doing full-time PhD research. I would describe myself as caring, loyal, and a perfectionist. My passion is to help others improve their health and reach their goals. I tend to analyse everything in my life, which is both a blessing and a curse haha! Luckily I am also getting better at letting stuff go and enjoying the little things in life. Apart from working out I love being outside, travelling the world with Quinten and my friends, spending time with family & cuddling with our cats.”

“Hi, I am Chrissi Commerscheidt. I am 30 years old, born April 1st, no joke 😀. I am German but live in Heerlen, together with my boyfriend Gijs & our dog Loki. I am a physiotherapist and at the moment I work as a lecturer for physiotherapy at Zuyd University. Besides CrossFit, which is my favorite hobby of course 😋, I have a new hobby since Christmas, it’s called Loki! We got him as a puppy, so it costs us a lot of time. But it’s worth it! It’s hard to define yourself, but I guess there are few characteristics which describe me quiet good: enthusiastic, funny, go-getter(aanpakker/doorzetter).”

When did you first hear about CrossFit and what was your first experience like at CrossFit Heerlen/First WOD?
 “I first heard about CrossFit in 2013, when the first CrossFit box opened in Limburg. My first experience at CrossFit Heerlen was a chipper workout during a drop-in. (For time: 80 DU, 80 air squats, 800m run, 400m goblet run, 40 KB swings, 400 m row)”
Chrissi: “I did some drop ins at CrossFit Heerlen. After doing CrossFit for 2,5 years, I decided to sign in for the Open last year! Never left since then…😀 “

How long have you been CrossFitting and what did you do for exercise before?
Anouk: “I did my fundamentals in 2014 at CrossFit WT. After that I trained at RAW Training Centre in Landgraaf and I started at CrossFit Heerlen in December 2017. In the years before doing CrossFit I was occasionaly training with Quinten in a fitness-center (emphasis on occasionally), and I used to play handball. In my youth I played squash, did some street dance, jazz-dance, horse-back riding and tried a lot of other classes like yoga, spinning and Zumba… I probably forgot a few, but bottom-line is I liked to try new sports.”
Chrissi: “I started CrossFit in 2015 at CrossFit WT in Landgraaf. After playing soccer for 15 years I searched a while to find something challenging, constantlty varied and new. I tried running, bootcamp, and finally I found CrossFit.”

How many days/week do you CrossFit and what is your normal class time?
Anouk: “I do two WODs a week on Monday and Friday evening and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I do Open Gym with my buddy Chrissi.”
“2x WOD (Monday & Friday in the early evening) plus 2-3 times open gym per week.”

Chrissi, Patricia and Anouk discussing workout strategies

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Heerlen?
Anouk: “Definitely the community. There are no judgments, everybody is welcoming and genuinely rooting for you!”
“Getting together with so many various people doing and loving the same.”

What’s your most recent PR/accomplishment?
“Hmm… accomplishments, those are hard to define for me. Probably last week when I finally dared to do box-jumps at 24inch and in the same session I PR’d my strict HSPU to 3 reps (with abmat).”
Chrissi: “Five (!) strict Handstand Push-ups during the Open Workout 19.3. During the Open event on Saturday I couldn’t complete one repetition, but after Anouk promised me to bake a pie if I could do at least one Strict during the re-rest I just couldn’t fail… ;)”

What is your favorite healthy meal? And what’s your favorite cheat meal?
Anouk: “I can really enjoy a fresh salad with loads of veggies. My favorite cheat meal is anything with chocolate and peanut butter.”
“Overnight oats, every morning! Self-made veggie sushi spring rolls. Pizza from Enzo (Heerlen).”

What accomplishments are you most proud of (outside and/or inside of the gym)?
Anouk: “I think my greatest accomplishment outside the gym is my presentation at an international conference during the first year of my PhD-research in front of thousands of experts. Inside the gym I am proud of the consistent work I put in every week together with Chrissi and the fact that we also make our own training schedules to improve our weaknesses during Open Gym.”
Chrissi: “No troubles with double unders anymore. 😀”

What is your favorite CrossFit movement and/or Benchmark WOD?
Anouk: “My favorite movements are cleans and squats.”
“I would like to improve my gymnastics skills, like toes-to-bar, ring dips, hand-stand push up. I really like those movements. But my favorites are KB movements, like KB snatch, KB clean & jerk, and the squat snatch is my favorite Olympic lift.”

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement and/or Benchmark WOD?
Anouk: “I am always a bit nervous when I have to do something upside down or very explosive, so movements like box-jumps (especially from seated position), wall-walks, HSPU and skin-the-cats are not my favorites because I tend to overthink them.”
“I don’t like deadlifts, but hollow holds or V-ups are worse.”

What motivates you to keep pushing during a WOD?
Anouk: “Loud music! (and Quinten or Chrissi telling me to suck it up hahaha)”
“The feeling you get after a WOD. And during the WOD knowing it’s just a matter of time, and then it’s done!”

How has CrossFit made your life easier?
Anouk: “For my current job I am sitting at a desk the whole day so when the work-day is finished I cant wait to get out of my head and move my body. It has really improved my confidence, and thought me that I am able to do way more than I think. For me, CrossFit has helped my to grow both mentally and physically.”
“I now have a hobby which I really like, which helps me to focus on myself after a workday. And life is easier with a buddy, isn’t it? 😀 I met my buddy Anouk at CrossFit.”

What is one goal you would like to accomplish in the next year?
Anouk: “Proper handstand push-ups.”
“Only one? I have a list with CrossFit-goals… 😀 But making time to train, having fun, enjoying progression, are my main goals. Besides getting stronger of course… “

Fun Questions: These are to answer about each other!

Describe each other in only 3 words.
Anouk: “Great sense of humor, honest, determined.”
Chrissi: “Kind/helpful, ambitious, perfectionist, humble,”

If your partner could have a superhero power, what would he/she pick?
Anouk: “The ability to consume an infinite amount of food without getting fat 😄”
“The power of precognition, so she can see things before they happen. In a stressful situation she could see in advance that everything is going to be alright, anyway.”

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about each other?
Anouk: “Chrissi can never sit still, she actually loves to renovate her house and does all the projects herself. Most of her muscle-soreness is not from CrossFit workouts but from her passion being a handy-woman!”
“Anouk is humble but super eager when it comes to competition. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but it comes with a bundle of nerves 😉
Anouk is a smart badass, she is doing her PHD research in breast cancer.”

Final Question: What advice would you give to someone just starting at CFH?
Anouk: “Change takes time and is not only about the weights you put on the bar! Mastering technique comes before mastering speed or weight. Also, mental aspects are important too! So enjoy your workouts and be proud of the fact that you are taking care of yourself :)”
“Get through the first 3 month, after the fundamentals. Once you know the movements better, it will be fun, but not easier 😛”

The CrossFit Heerlen Staff Team about our first CrossFit Buddy  Team of the Month

Danny & Thessyana: “Our slogan ‘Work Hard Stay Humble’ fits them perfectly. They are both eager, determined, disciplined and self-motivated individuals. Both Anouk and Chrissi are always willing to reach a helping hand during our community events and they always bring good vibes. It’s also fun and admiring to see them working out together and see them putting in all the necessary work (and more) to strengthen and condition their bodies. We’re convinced that their friendship and willingness to work hard will lead to even greater accomplishments in the future. Anouk and Chrissi, thank you for being very pleasant members of our great community and keep inspiring others.”

Coach Valerie: “It’s obvious to everyone how hard Chrissi and Anouk have been working this past year. They have been consistently coming to WODs, Open Gyms, come early/stay late, etc. and they are seeing their hard work pay off in the Open 2019! Together they have helped motivate and encourage each other to push boundaries and progress in their skill set. In addition, they have maintained humbleness and positive attitude. I am SO proud of them and they are an inspiration to me too!”

Coach Nadesch: “Gefeliciteerd toppers als buddies van de maand! Jullie zijn al een hele tijd gemotiveerd samen bezig en trainen consequent. Jullie zijn niet alleen een aanmoediging en voorbeeld naar elkaar, maar ook voor anderen! En ik denk dat jullie niet alleen mij, maar veel leden blij maken met jullie positiviteit en vriendelijkheid! Blijf zo doorgaan lieve Anouk en Chrissi!”

Coach Stephanie: “I’ve been knowing you guys for such a while now, and in all these years you both improved so much. Love seeing you guys educate yourself and motivate eachother during vids on IG or making your own program to work on during Open Gym hours. Always cheering everybody on and I think way to shy and humble about your own performance! Take credit for what’s yours! Both of you, you have been working so hard each training, each WOD, each practice! Keep it up guys : ) An inspirational duo for all .. high five”

Coach Jos: “Jullie zijn een inspiratie en voorbeeld voor ons allen in de box. Hoe hard dat jullie werken en nieuwe dingen uitproberen tijdens de Open Gym, in één woord; super. Ik kijk dan ook altijd met veel plezier hoe hard jullie werken. Tijdens de WOD gaan jullie ook tot het uiterste. Blijf vooral zo doorgaan… super-koppel van de maand!”

Coach Armand: “Recipe for couple of the month : Anouk en Chrissi
1 bag of friendship
2 cups of sharing with the community
2 tbs of positive state of mind
½ cup of eagerness
2 spoonfulls of joy
1 dash of creativity
4 drops of going the extra mile
and 1 packet of humbleness”

Coach Quinten: “Chrissi & Anouk: Power Team to the bone. They work hard and stay humble. Always going the extra mile. Making up there own program to work on their weaknesses. Always present during Open Gyms and WODs. And always pushing themselves to go al the way. Keep up the good work and keep being an inspiration for others!!”