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EXPANDING Opening Hours & ADDING Open Gym

As from Monday (September 21st) CrossFit Heerlen will be open every working day from 8:45 hours in the morning to 21:45 hours in the evening! We will no longer close at noon and add Open Gym hours almost every opening hour. We are excited to offer this added gym time and hope you will use our Open Gym hours to get in skill and […]

Balance – A Vital Life Skill

Balance – A Vital Life Skill By Coach Valerie Let’s begin with a test…..find an open space and walk 10m in a perfectly straight line, heel in front of toe.  You can look down at the ground if you want. How easy was that? Now, close your eyes and do it again…..was that a little […]

The Bar Path in the Snatch

The Bar Path in the Snatch By Coach Stephanie This blog is to give you an inside view and some background information about how coaches look at specific details when performed snatches (and clean and jerks). Bar path analysis must be undertaken with the consideration of other data. In isolation, it provides an incomplete picture […]

CrossFit Heerlen goes OUTDOORS

Ok, champs, we’re taking this party outdoors and online. Until the gym can reopen, CrossFit Heerlen is at your service to keep good momentum going and gains coming. Starting on Monday, May 11, CrossFit Heerlen will temporarily move their classes outdoor for the health and safety of our community. We are in some uncharted waters, […]

The Mental Game in Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a sport that demands a great deal of mental fortitude and skilled control of the mind in order to achieve the necessary physical tasks in training and competition consistently. Some athletes naturally possess exceptional mental control, focus and intrinsic motivation, while others must work over time to develop their abilities (1). Mental preparation […]