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We are hosting CrossFit Certificate Courses

BIG NEWS at CrossFit Heerlen! While chasing excellence and providing people the best possible fitness experience CrossFit Heerlen is chosen to host the ORIGINAL CrossFit Trainer courses. This feels definitely as the icing on the cake at our 5 year anniversary. Thank you CrossFit HQ! If you’ve ever wanted to be a CrossFit trainer then […]

Meet the NEW COACH: Antoine Pütz

Antoine has been a member of CrossFit Heerlen since March 2017, but has been shooting pictures since the first day he visited CrossFit Heerlen as a spectator during our opening event in January 2016. We are proud to mention that he is not only a creative member of the CrossFit Heerlen staff team. He is […]

NEW HEAD COACH: Stephanie Stulin

We have some pretty cool news during these strange times in which everything seems to be only about corona or politics. But nothing could be further from the truth, there are more important things to report and look forward to! And one of them is our decision to promote Coach Stephanie to Head Coach of CrossFit […]

Eat Good Feel Good

🥑 Eat Good Feel Good 🥑 To start the year with some healthy habits, we have some tips for you to Curb Excessive Snacking. When it comes to snacks, they can make or break your diet. Snack smart, and you’ll keep hunger at bay and fuel your body. Snack wrong, and you can eat hundreds of extra […]

NEW: Private CrossFit Fundamentals Program

Our (semi-)Private CrossFit Fundamentals Program is an introductory option for potential members that are unable to attend our Group Fundamentals course for whatever reason. Sign up here! Private CrossFit Fundamentals Program The purchase of a Private CrossFit Fundamentals Program comes with a special 8-class punch card. Three of those 8 classes are private training sessions. […]

Coach Stephanie: Fysiotherapeut & CrossFit Level 2 Trainer! (+ English)

Scroll down for English We willen Coach Stephanie van harte feliciteren met haar Level 2 CrossFit-certificering naast haar bachelordiploma fysiotherapie! 🧠💪👏 Stephanie coacht al bijna 3 jaar onze atleten, en met haar zijn ook onze leden vooruitgegaan. Ze is een deskundige, toegewijde coach die zich richt op de verbetering van al haar atleten. We zijn […]