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Balance – A Vital Life Skill

Balance – A Vital Life Skill

By Coach Valerie

Let’s begin with a test…..find an open space and walk 10m in a perfectly straight line, heel in front of toe.  You can look down at the ground if you want.

How easy was that?

Now, close your eyes and do it again…..was that a little more challenging?

Last test….close your eyes, place one foot in front of the other, and bend over to touch the ground with one hand.

Maybe that was a little more tricky for you!

Balance is one of CrossFit’s 10 general fitness domains and an important skill we carry through life. Did you know, as we get older, falling injuries are more likely to occur due to a lack of balance? Like anything else, balance must be trained and can certainly be improved with focused attention.

We need balance in every movement we perform in CrossFit, although some movements (for example: handstand walk, pistols, or overhead squats) require more balance than others.  In fact, balance works together with stability and coordination to produce the high-skill movement patterns most of us struggle to perform.

This triple-threat of balance, stability, and coordination can be improved daily with simple exercises. Here are a few to get you started:

Remember, practicing balance takes focus and concentration. When you first begin an exercise, it may not go as well as you would like. Take a deep breath, find a focus point on the wall or ground and keep your muscles engaged. You may be surprised at your own improvement over just one session.

If you want to test your balance in a live setting, join on of CrossFit Heerlen’s weekly functional yoga classes. Each session includes some sort of balance and gives your body a chance to practice finding your own coordination.