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During our 5 Year Anniversary we were caught by surprise by your kind words, photo compiled surprise video and generous gifts. For all of you who did not witness this special moment via our live feed on our socials we would like to share it once more – also by request and ofcourse because we’re so incredibly proud of our community.

To begin with, we had a surprise visit from our members Babs and Susanne and in the presence of our coaches Stephanie, Ramon, Valerie and Simon. They showed us this great photo compiled video from our members and their most precious moments in our box from the last 5 years:

All the gifts came with a truly special speech from Susanne and Babs on behalf of the member community – and for that we will always be very grateful:

Dear Thessyana and Danny,

On behalf of all current, past and even future members of CrossFit Heerlen: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We figured that the world doesn’t look like you had anticipated on this memorable day, likely putting a stop to your plans, so we decided to trick you into being here at this very moment.

Every day you put all your energy into others, so now it is time for a moment that is all about the both of you. In the last 5 years you two have built a strong community that is dedicated to health, sports, fun and to each other. We are proud to be part of this community and would like to take a moment to tell you why.

So, what did we miss in 2020? We have so much to look back on that wasn’t possible in the last year. What about renting an entire cinema for movie night? Gamenight for our boardgame nerds. Going on a night on the town, drinking only water of course, as we want to be fit for the morning-wod. Three days emerging in the world of Pinkpop. Watching the Games together, enjoying lots of homecooked delicious food. We had Halloween workouts and an speciality courses, like lifting, OCR and yogability. The list goes on and on.

So 2020 must have been a dull year then, right? Wrong! You and the team of coaches worked tireless to keep the box going within the guidelines. There was a webinar to make sure everyone kept eating healthy. Online coaching and zoom-classes. Connect over coffee was probably an the most invisible life-saver during lonely quarantine times for multiple members. We all tried to beat each other during the CFH pubquizes. And we had fun doing challenges.

To put all this together was an amazing accomplishment and still going strong.

To summarize, you do everything and beyond to keep your community-members motivated. You are an inspiration, whether we are battling chronic decease, want to hit a PR, or just want exercise a few hours a week. We hope you realize how amazing you are and that we see and appreciate all the hard work it takes. Therefore we have all pitched in and want to give you something that is just for you, to take a little time for yourselves and relax. Additionally there was some extra money, as you will see.

Thessyana and Danny: THANKS.

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